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Waxing – sounds easy…doesn’t it!
Many people will be all too familiar with the home wax kits now available, although some people do master the art very well; we often see those that have had a rather unpleasant experience!
“It took me 2 hours to take off 1 strip and then I had to try and soak off the rest of the wax in the bath!”
“Putting it on was easy…then I couldn’t bring myself to pull it off!”
Sound familiar?

Warm Wax

This is the method most people will be familiar with already.
It involves a thin covering of warm wax being applied to the area with a wooden spatula, followed by a muslin or paper strip being pressed over it and pulled off very fast to remove the hairs by the root.
It can be used on all areas of the body and is a very quick effective procedure.
There will be some skin reactions after waxing and we have listed some of them and the after care instructions to be followed at the bottom of this page.

DO expect some skin reaction from waxing, such as:

Slight swelling
Redness in the area
Tiny red spots around the follicle
Blood spots
These may be present for a few minutes or a few hours.

DO follow these few after waxing rules:

Avoid a bath or shower for 48hrs
Avoid swimming
Avoid all heat treatments for at least 48hrs i.e. sun bed, sauna etc
Avoid wearing tight clothing around the treated area
Avoid any perfumed products on the treated area

Treatment times vary



Full leg £25.00

Half leg  £15.00

Bikini line £7.00 (please note that specialised bikini waxing eg. Brazillian and Hollywood is not offered as a service)

Under arm  £7.00

Arm £15.00

Facial hair £7.00

Lip £5.00

Chin £5.00

Chest £20.00

Abdominal £10.00

Back  £20.00


Please ensure that there is adequate growth when you attend your treatment.  Ideally, the hair should be at least 5mm long for effective results. If there us inadequate growth when you attend your treatment, you will be charged treatment time at £5 per 15mins.

The ideal time to start waxing is in the Autumn so hairy legs can be hidden under trousers!!

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